G’day Awesome People,

Welcome to my newly upgraded website.  Looks a lot better than the last.

At the end of 2017, I wanted to start really documenting my life.  Not because I am narcissistic and think I am the best thing since slice bread, but because I often wonder how awesome it would be if I could go back and see how my grandparents and great grandparents lived their lives.  The highs, the lows.  You simply couldn’t put a price on it.

I started doing a vlog here and a vlog there but nothing too consistent as editing these videos were killing me due to a lack of time.  In May 2018, I learned some hacks to streamline this so I started a daily vlog that I publish just about everyday on YouTube and Facebook.

As I started documenting my life through video, I wanted to start blogging again.  This is something I haven’t done on my personal website in sometime.  Again, I want to do this just in case my grandchildren or great grandchildren would be interested in following my life.


Endurance Sports & Business

While I enjoy documenting crap that I think only family maybe interested in, I also have a coaching business Train Smooth and have three podcasts. While everything triathlon related is under the Train Smooth brand, I also need a home for the other content I create. Instead of me running a number of website and brands like I have done in the past, I thought I would bring everything outside of Train Smooth under this umbrella.