Looking back through 2017

I do enjoy looking back and seeing what I have accomplished throughout the year.  I also enjoy reading what my training buddies have completed as well.

2017 stats for myself were:

Swim: 155 sessions with a total of 334.6km (14 more sessions and 47.6km more than last year).

Bike: 185 sessions with a total of 9101km (65 more sessions and 3237km more than last year).

Run: 129 sessions with a total of 1639.8km (13 more sessions and 65.2km more than last year).

Strength & Conditioning: 190 sessions (127 sessions more than last year).

I am disappointed with my running in 2017 however I did have many weeks throughout the year not running due to injury so I should be satisfied.

Changes I am looking to make:

In the lead up to last Ironman, I was the most consistent I have ever been when it came to miles and sessions however when it came to intervals and completing structured sessions, I wasn’t very consistent at all so this is one of two big things I hope to tackle in 2018.

I also had a shocking diet for the most part of 2017 so this is defiantly something I hope to fix.  Since June of last year, I have been scoring my daily nutrition every day and I log it in my training log.  To give an example on the quality of my diet.

In the past 29 weeks (the number of weeks I have been tracking my diet)

• Poor Days: 116 days

• Below satisfactory Days: 58 Days

• Satisfactory Days: 16 Days

• Good Days: 3 days

• Great Days: 7 Days

Even now while I write these stats out, I am disappointed with myself.  While I have been tracking these numbers, it isn’t something I have been looking at from an overview glance and think there are some major room for improvements.

Looking back throughout the year with my weight, the heaviest I weighed was 83.3kg. Normally my weights jumps a lot between 80kg and 82kg. Since tracking my weight, every year I would balloon out to 85kg plus so if I was to take a positive from 2017 with my weight, it would be it didn’t go over 83.3kg.



Something else I have been tracking is my motivation/drive levels each day for the past twenty-one weeks, this is completely on how I feel each day.

• Poor Days: 13 days

• Below satisfactory Days: 29 days

• Satisfactory Days: 59 days

• Good Days: 28 days

• Great Days: 17 days

Niggling Injuries

One thing I picked up on right after Ironman Cairns was the amount of weeks I was nursing a niggling injury, had an injury or an illness was rather high.

Before Ironman Cairns 2017

• Niggling injury: 9 weeks I had a niggling injury of some kind or another.

• Injury: 4 weeks (just before Ironman Cairns)

• Illness: 6 weeks I had some sort of illness

After Ironman Cairns:

• Niggling injury: Zero

• Injury: 6 weeks (Achilles)

• Illness: Zero

As soon as I picked up on this after Ironman Cairns, I started using a foam roller often. In the past 28 weeks when I started using a foam roller, I have used it 79 times.

As for illness, well I am doing my best to stay away from anyone who looks remotely unwell and taking Hulk Hogan’s advice with “taking my vitamins and saying my prays Brother!”.


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