Out of routine

I have had the past three weeks off from work and while I like being away from work, I am also a creature of habit so this time off work has taken me right out of my normal routine.  Little things that I do around my work/life has been really neglected while I was only looking at the big pitcher of “no more fucking work for three weeks”.Now, however I am playing catch up. I use Google Keep as my “to do list” and this list is filled with a lot of little jobs that would normally be completed as I go through my normal day to day life.

My coaching business is going along nicely but again, going back to my “to do list” I have so many jobs I need to complete with most being small funny things that doesn’t seem to be that big but can easily take up half a day on it.  Things like removing all the banner adds from my Train Smooth website to get people to opt in on my email list.  I am really backing away from this kind of business even though I know email marketing works, it has become very sleezey to me.  I only send out group emails now if I know I have something of value to offer.

Training is going along well, I have much to write about this but I will save it for the next blog I thing as I want to go into a little bit of information about where I am and why I am feeling the way I am feeling three weeks out of an Ironman.

There is something about doing an Ironman.  I only ever do one a year these days as that is what my budget allows.  Doing the race is neither here or there for me.  It is doing everything to get to the race. That is what I love the most.

I am still staying very consistent with my daily vlogs.  I will do a blog on how I create my vlogs with almost no time given very soon

Till next time,



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