How I create my daily Vlogs

I have wanted to do a regular vlog for sometime.  Last year I tested doing a weekly vlog but found at the end of each week I would spend an hour or two chopping up video foot I took from my phone.Even back in 2014, I made a net TV series where I recorded around a thousand hours of video footage and spent months chopping it down to around an hour of watchable content.

I just simply don’t have the time to sit down and edit a vlog daily, weekly or even monthly so when I found some hacks where I can record things throughout each day and at the end of the day spend less than five minutes getting it ready to upload to YouTube, I thought it was worth testing.

This is how I currently Vlog

Step One: 

SnapChat: I use SnapChat to video record the content through the day.  This limits each video of each scene up to one minute each.  I simply tilt my phone to the side and start recording. When I am happy with what I have recorded, I simply upload it my “My Story” and keep moving on with my day.  This has a very limited impact to my day.

Step Two: 

At the end of each day, save my Snapchat stories from the day and I export them to my phone’s photo album.

Step Three:

Because I want to add my Train Smooth brand onto each Vlog, I downloaded an app called “Power Director”.  This is a video editing app that I think costs around $5.  I insert ,my Train Smooth brand on the corner of each Vlog for a branding point of view.

Step Four:

Upload to YouTube and once uploaded, I add in a please subscribe to my YouTube channel and add a couple of other videos from my YouTube channel they may find interested at the end of the vlog.

*** Steps two through to four takes around five minutes to complete***

Step Five:

I share my YouTube link to all my social media accounts via a program called HootSuit.
Wanting to improve

I really need to start focusing on improving my Facebook videos.  At this stage I am simply sharing my YouTube link to my Train Smooth Facebook page but with the video platform on Facebook growing and all the talk that Facebook TV could be a very real thing, I think I am going to have to invest the little bit of extra time and start uploading it directly to Facebook.

Quick Note

I am only less than a month in on creating a daily Vlog.  There are many things I want to do better and as I progress I can only see the quality of everything improving as I create better systems and skills.

The real drive for me to do it is I keep thinking how great would it be if I could see my grandparents and great grandparents live their day to day lives when they were 38 years old.  So maybe my grandchildren and great grandchildren just maybe interested to see my day to day life.


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