How I do my podcasts

As I am quickly approaching 200 episodes of the Train Smooth Podcast, I thought I would blog about how I create each podcast and the value it brings to me.


I like to keep things really simple and really cheap.  Everything is based around my intent. My intent is truly good. I want to help others and pass on what I have learned and what I am currently learning.

Microphone:  I have two microphones. one I purchased off eBay for around $100 called “Cad U1 usb microphone” and the other is the headphone/microphone that came with my Samsung Galaxy phone that I use when I can’t get an episode out and I need to record something from my phone.

Recording Program: I like to keep things simple and one of the things with my podcasts I didn’t want to do was edit each episode. In the past this would take a lot of my time so I just wanted to record and simply upload to the world.  I use a simple “voice recorder” that is already on every computer. It is free and easy to use.

Podcast Host: I use Buzzsprout, they offer a free plan through to $24 a month plan.  I personally am on the $18 a month (US dollars) for the Train Smooth podcast and the $12 a month for the Cycling Coach podcast.

For the Runner’s Coaching podcast, I use the free app service Anchor but only down side to this is at the end of each episode, Anchor places an ad.  If this podcast is a success, I might look at moving this to Buzzprout.


“I ask for nothing from the listeners and I expect nothing from them”

In the beginning:

When I first started the Train Smooth podcast, I was only recording episodes from my phone and uploading them after each episode. At first I aimed to do three episodes a week.

  1. Being a question and answer show.
  2. I would choose a subject and talk about it.
  3. I would talk about my own training for the past week.

This quickly turned into me getting more questions than I thought I would have and within a month, my podcast went from three shows a week through to being seven days a week Q&A show.



One thing I have changed in the past year or so is I do business the way I react and behave to things.  Personally I hate advertisement, I understand why marketers are waterboarding me with all different adverting but I tend to zone out.  Even in podcasts I love to listen too, when an ad comes on, I find myself forwarding through.

I never use affiliate links as I feel they have become too sleazy and I wonder are they pushing the product because they truly believe in it or do they just want the commission.

I also tend to be turned off when I listen to a podcast and all they want to do is talk about their own products and services.  I was sent an episode of a triathlon podcast a month ago as a friend through I would enjoy it.  During this episode they mentioned their membership program over ten times within a 40 minute show. Never listened to another episode again.

I understand why podcasts have all these as the episodes they are creating a free but I simply zone out when it comes to “in your face” adverting so I can only assume everyone else dose the same.

This is why I don’t sell adverting, I don’t try and sell my own services, I don’t have affiliate links where I get a commission, I am not promoting sponsors, I am simply giving a service that I wish was around when I first got into triathlon. Remember in intent is good.

Since starting my podcast with the mentality of wanting nothing in return, many things have happened.

  • Site traffic has increased significantly
  • I receive a number of inquiries about my services
  • I am creating real connections with people who have reached out from listening to the show.
  • I receive regular thank you emails. Crikey the feeling I get when I receive a “thank you” email just out of nowhere is amazing.
  • I get sponsorship inquiries.


Now I am only nine months into this and I am starting to see a swing with Train Smooth.  I think one of the reasons the podcast is growing consistently is I ask for nothing from the listeners and I expect nothing from them.


Over the next year

I think podcasting is very much like endurance training. Consistency is key. I will keep building out the Train Smooth brand into something I wish I had access too for the first half a dozen years when I got into triathlon.

As for the other two podcasts, I will aim to release a new episode each week, monitor trends and make changes when needed.


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