#36 Start back

So one thing that keeps popping up is people telling me to rest up.  Normally after an Ironman I would take one to two full weeks off and slowly build back.  I DNF 19km into the run so resting isn’t really all that important or needed.

Mentally I am keen to get right back into the thick of it and my body feels like I am in the middle of a normal training week. I will take it easy this week and see how I am feeling going into next week.


Today’s Training:

Swim – 2km

Warm Up:

  • 200m FC,
  • 200m of 25m 6/1/6, 25m FC,
  • 200m of 25m broken arrow, 25m FC,
  • 200m of 6/3/6, 25m FC,


  • 100m done as 25m MAD, 75m easy +25s
  • 100m done as 50m MAD, 50m easy +25s
  • 100m done as 75m MAD, 25m easy

Main Set:

  • 300m breathing every 5th stroke +20s
  • 2x 50m +10s
  • 300m breathing every 7th stroke +20s

Cool Down:

  • 200m of 25m kick, 25m backstroke



Today’s Vlog


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