#38 Day one of becoming a bad mother fker

I took most of last week off to recover and get my shit together so I can it this week running.

Today I decided to do a Zwift race, this was my first race on Zwift and I really enjoyed it.  Time flew.  I think I will add a Zwift race in once a week if time permits.

Today’s Training

Swim – 2km

Warm Up

  • 100 FC
  • 100 of 50 6/1/6, 50 FC
  • 150 of 50 B3s, 50 B5s, 50 B7s
  • 50 MAD
  • 100 of 50 6/3/6, 50 FC
  • 100 pull & paddles

Main Set: – Four rounds of 

  • 2x 100 FC +15s
  • 100 pull with sighting every six strokes

Cool down:

200 of 25 FC, 25 backstroke


Bike – Zwift Race – 29.5km

With warm up and cool down a total of 37km


Train Smooth Cycling Power.JPG

  • Oxygen Deprivation session – 10min
  • Swim Cords – 3x 25 reps
  • Core Session – 10min
  • Mobility Session – 25min


To watch today’s Vlog


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