Where was my drive?

I have been thinking over and over about the past twelve months of training and my performance at Ironman Cairns and just trying to make sense of everything.

I have come to the belief that my drive to get better and nudge that sub ten hours in an Ironman hadn’t been there for most of the past year.  I was very disciplined with my training, I would go out and train even if I didn’t want too but that drive for success, that hunger to see what my body could actually do has been lacking.

This conclusion was really highlighted last weekend when I was writing my program for the coming training block and I could feel something I really haven’t experienced for over a year or longer.  The drive to get better.

It showed in training today.  I couldn’t wait to get to the pool to nail my swim session, I couldn’t wait to get on the bike and nail my Zwift race and I can’t wait to get to the track tomorrow and make the run session my bitch.

I really have spent the last year just going from training session to training session and the discipline has taken me through but there really hasn’t been any real improvements within my performance and this shows in my power files and other data.

Allan Pitman who is a mentor of mine, wrote “It’s a long apprenticeship – it’s not an easy thing to get right – the more times you do this the greater chance that you’ll have a tough day – but then on the other hand the more times you do this the more experience you gain – you can’t buy that experience – you have to earn it – enjoy this moment – you’ll look back on this week and be happy with what you’ve learned”.

While I am not dwelling on Ironman Cairns, I do admit it has lit a candle under my arse so I am truly happy Cairns turned to shit. I wouldn’t change it even if I could.  Over the next forty five weeks, I will become a BAD MOTHER FUCKER!


pulp fiction.jpg


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