#39 First track session

As the plan for the next few months is about cutting the volume and increase the intensity, I have to keep my mentality in check.  Normally I am in the mode of more is more so when I would have an hour or two free, I would go do another session without thinking about it.

Today I woke up at midday after being awake 22 hrs the day before. I did an easy jog to my local AFL field to do a track session.  The session went well and I did an easy jog home to find I had a spare couple of hours free.  Originally I thought “Oh, I might go for a ride” but then I checked myself and stuck with the program.


Today’s Training:

Run – Track Session

First track session in around two years.

Warm Up:

  • 10min easy

 Main Set: 

  • 4x 800m MAD, 800m easy

Cool down:

  • 10min easy


Mobility Session – 25min

Swim Cords – 3x 25reps


Watch today’s Vlog

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