#41 Anaerobic Capacity

Today was another day that didn’t go the way I had planed.  Jack was home again from school.  I had a 90min ride, a 2.2km swim and a run to do as well as coach my son’s soccer team.

Today’s Training Session

Bike – 90min

This was done on Zwift. A anaerobic capacity ride that really helps complement last nights bike enhancement gym session.

Warm Up

  • 10min easy

Main Set:

  • 45min @180-190 watts
  • 5x 1min MAD, 4min @130 watts

Cool down

  • 10min easy

Tim Egge INtervals.JPG

Traning Data Train Smooth.JPG


Swim – 2km

Warm Up:

  • 100m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m broken arrow, 50m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m 6/3/6, 50m free
  • 100m pull and paddles
  • 100m free done as 50m breathing every 5th stroke, 50m breathing every 3rd stroke
  • 2x 50m torpedo push off and kick until fully exhaled, finish length freestyle

Main Set:

  • 3x 400m+15sec

Cool down:

  • 200m choice


Core Strength Session – 10min

Swim Cords – 3x 25 reps


Watch Today’s Vlog

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