The next training block

Before Ironman Cairns, I came up with the plan that would see me cut the hell out of my bike volume to maybe only riding once a week as part of a recovery day and increase my run volume to almost double of my current volume.  The idea was to increase my weekly runs from 3-4 times a week to 6-7 times a week for around three months then switch to more of my normal Ironman training program.

Out of the 6-7 runs a week, there would be two key sessions and the rest would be a combination on easy and moderate runs.

Since I had what alcoholics refer to as a ‘moment of clarity’ after Ironman Cairns, I have changed my mindset from doing a few months of a marathon focused training blocks to now going to do a few months of faster Olympic distance type training blocks. So basically I chopped the volume, increased the intensity and also increased the recovery.

In September I am going on a family holiday so I want to go into this holiday needing rest.  I will use the down time to reflect on my next steps but till then, I will work on speed and power.

This is going to be completely new to the body as all it really has know is Ironman training. The hardest part I think will come when I have free time, In the past I would put more miles in the body but for the next few months I will put more miles on the couch.

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