Vlog blew up over night

I started my vlog over a month ago and it has been very slow going.  I upload it most days onto YouTube and share it on all my social media platforms.  I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to promote it, I know if I stay consistent, over time people will find it and if they like it they will tune in everyday and if not they wont.

From day one, the main driving force behind it has been to document my life so my grandkids might be interested in watching how I lived my life. I often think if I could watch how my grandparents lived…… I would pay a crazy amount of money to watch that.

It has been slow going with the vlog, it was exactly the same with the podcast.  I had to get to episode 100 before it started to get traction. I have been playing around and testing a few things but this week has been a good week for the vlog as I try and hack my way through all the noise.

Here is what I am doing:


From episode 1 through through to episode 42 I have uploaded to YouTube and shared through my social media platforms.  Unfortunately expecting people to click onto my YouTube channel then press play creates too much friction and people declined and moved on.

On average, each vlog sees around 15-20 views on YouTube.  There are some episodes much higher and some much lower but on average 15-20.



I have tested uploading my vlog directly to my Facebook page vs posting a YouTube link onto the Facebook page.  Yes I get a few more extra views if I upload the video directly to Facebook rather than simply posting a YouTube link but I found I was inconsistent with doing this and whatever I do, I feel I need to stay consistent or I will simply piss people off so I just upload the YouTube link.


Instagram TV

I have over 20k followers on Instagram.  I uploaded episode 41 of my vlog onto Instagram TV to test the new platform and within 24 hours I had 150 views.



The day after I uploaded my vlog on Instagram TV, I was pissed at Twitter that they were not keeping up.  On my Twitter account, I have 18k followers.  I did some research and found a hack that will allow me to upload videos longer than 45 seconds.

As I have a business Twitter account, I activated Twitter ads.  This now allows me to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Again, I uploaded episode 41 of my vlog to see what would happen.  within 24 hours, I had 481 views.


Others Medias

SnapChat: I record the vlogs through SnapChat and get around 10-15 people per day watching.

LinkedIn: this has become a very cool platform to me and I have started uploading the video of my daily podcast on this but I don’t think people on Linked are keep to watch my vlog so I haven’t uploaded any.


Results from episode 41 after 24 ours 

  • YouTube: 18 views
  • Snap Chat: 11 views
  • Facebook: (only posted YouTube link on Facebook)
  • Twitter: 481 views
  • Instagram TV:  152 views


Total viewer is 24 hours: 662 views


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