#42 Monday is a good day

Summary of the day

It was a simple day with zero out of the normal going on. Just the way I love it.


Today’s Training

Swim – 2.1km

Warm up:

  • 200m FC
  • 100m of 50m broken arrow, 50m FC
  • 150m of 50m B3s, 50m B5s, 50m B7s
  • 50m MAD
  • 100m pull and paddles

Main Set:

  • 200m FC +10s
  • 250m FC +10s
  • 200m FC with sighting every 6 strokes +10s
  • 250m FC +10s
  • 400m FC

Cool down:

  • 200m of 50m kick, 50m backstroke


Bike – 48km

  • Fartlek ride with a number of short sharp intervals that ranged from 20 seconds through to 3min.


  • Swim Cord – 3x 25 reps
  • Core Session – 10min


Watch Today’s Vlog


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