Weekly Round Up (25th – 1st July)

Summary of my training week

It was a very up and down week with regards to training as I had Jack’s All Schools Cross Country race to attend and Anara had her 13th birthday and a group of her friends had a sleep over


Here is my training week:

Tim Egge's Training.JPG

On tops of this, I also completed 

  • 2x Oxygen deprivation sessions
  • Meditated once for 20min
  • 3x Mobility sessions
  • 3x Foam Roller



I have started playing around with a new metric that I am calling “Target” that I give each day a score.  The idea with this (this is week two of developing this so I may change it as I go) I score each day on if I am moving closer to my target goal or away.

The score numbers are:

1 – Step backwards

2 – Neutral

3 – Step Forward

The idea is to get a 3 in each day and to have a weekly score of 21 out of 21.  Depending on a number of things, will depend greatly on the score.  In this past what would

I might go into more information on a blog post just about this concept.  Anyway I get myself a 18 out of 21 this week.



Book I am currently reading

I finished reading “Mark Cavendish – At Speed” this week.  Not a bad book… Not a good book either.

I find in the past few years, the only books I enjoy reading are pro cycling books and American mafia books.  A few years at it and I am running out of things to read.  I am not a big fan of Cavendish but was keen to read something



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