Weekly Training Report (2nd – 8th July 2018)

This week is the last week of school before the kids are on a two week break.  I hit every session and every number up until Friday then I became a little restricted with avlable training times so I cut the hell out of the volume and increased the intensity greatly.

Races on the list

  • 9 Weeks till Ross Half Marathon
  • 12 Weeks till Launceston Half Marathon
  • 28 Weeks till Cadbury Marathon
  • 34 Weeks till Coles Bay Half
  • 44 Weeks till Ironman Australia


Training Week Overview

Tim's Training Program.JPG


Other Training Data

  • I produced a 40min power personal best on Monday of 248 watts
  • PI:  433 (the highest it has been since March)
  • CTL: 64.8
  • ATL: 47.8
  • TSB: 17
  • TScore: 372
  • Target Score: 20/21
  • Work 60hrs
  • Diet score: 19
  • Motivation Score: 27
  • Steps: 84,984 (the lowest since I started tracking my steps six months ago)


Vital Overview

Tim's Weight.JPG




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