#41 Anaerobic Capacity

Today was another day that didn’t go the way I had planed.  Jack was home again from school.  I had a 90min ride, a 2.2km swim and a run to do as well as coach my son’s soccer team.

Today’s Training Session

Bike – 90min

This was done on Zwift. A anaerobic capacity ride that really helps complement last nights bike enhancement gym session.

Warm Up

  • 10min easy

Main Set:

  • 45min @180-190 watts
  • 5x 1min MAD, 4min @130 watts

Cool down

  • 10min easy

Tim Egge INtervals.JPG

Traning Data Train Smooth.JPG


Swim – 2km

Warm Up:

  • 100m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m broken arrow, 50m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m 6/3/6, 50m free
  • 100m pull and paddles
  • 100m free done as 50m breathing every 5th stroke, 50m breathing every 3rd stroke
  • 2x 50m torpedo push off and kick until fully exhaled, finish length freestyle

Main Set:

  • 3x 400m+15sec

Cool down:

  • 200m choice


Core Strength Session – 10min

Swim Cords – 3x 25 reps


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Instagram TV for Businesses

Yesterday Instagram TV was launched allowing users to create their own channel and upload videos from 20 seconds through to 10 minutes in length.


Originally I thought I will start uploading my daily Vlog and my daily podcast onto this however Instagram requires you to make the videos portrait and not landscape and both my Vlogs and podcasts are recorded in  landscape so I will need to play around with the editing or look at create original content for this platform.

I do think Instagram TV will be a great new way to help build my personal and business brand. This to me is a no brainier allowing people to upload video longer than a minute.

I look forward to seeing what creative content people produce in the coming weeks and months.


The next training block

Before Ironman Cairns, I came up with the plan that would see me cut the hell out of my bike volume to maybe only riding once a week as part of a recovery day and increase my run volume to almost double of my current volume.  The idea was to increase my weekly runs from 3-4 times a week to 6-7 times a week for around three months then switch to more of my normal Ironman training program.

Out of the 6-7 runs a week, there would be two key sessions and the rest would be a combination on easy and moderate runs.

Since I had what alcoholics refer to as a ‘moment of clarity’ after Ironman Cairns, I have changed my mindset from doing a few months of a marathon focused training blocks to now going to do a few months of faster Olympic distance type training blocks. So basically I chopped the volume, increased the intensity and also increased the recovery.

In September I am going on a family holiday so I want to go into this holiday needing rest.  I will use the down time to reflect on my next steps but till then, I will work on speed and power.

This is going to be completely new to the body as all it really has know is Ironman training. The hardest part I think will come when I have free time, In the past I would put more miles in the body but for the next few months I will put more miles on the couch.

#40 Bike Enhancement Strength Session

The original plan for the day was to wake up at midday after working the night before and go directly to the gym, collect the kids from school and go swimming when Jack does his hour lesson.

I woke up at little earlier with the sound of a dog barking. It was Jack. He sounds sick. He has the day off school by the sounds of it.

I did get both sessions in, I was still in the gym at 9pm to do so.

Today’s Training

Swim – 2km

Warm Up

  • 2x 100m FC
  • 100m of 50m 6/3/3, 50m FC
  • 200m pull and paddles
  • 200m of 50m broken arrow, 50m FC

Main Set:

  • 200m FC
  • 200m of 50m 6/1/6, 50m FC
  • 200m FC
  • 200m of 50m 6/3/6, 50m FC
  • 300m FC

Cool Down

  • 200m of 50m FC, 50m backstroke

Gym Session – Bike Enhancement – 56min

This was the first time I had done this session. The goal over the coming three months isn’t to add extra weight but to add extra reps so the squats become 3x 30 reps and increase the cycling intensity from moderate effort to medium effort.

Warm Up:

  • 10min on bike

Main Set

  • 3x 12 squats with 30kg
  • 10min bike at moderate effort
  • 3x 12 squats with 30kg
  • 10min bike at moderate effort
  • 3x 12 squats with 30kg

Cool Down

  • 10min bike


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#39 First track session

As the plan for the next few months is about cutting the volume and increase the intensity, I have to keep my mentality in check.  Normally I am in the mode of more is more so when I would have an hour or two free, I would go do another session without thinking about it.

Today I woke up at midday after being awake 22 hrs the day before. I did an easy jog to my local AFL field to do a track session.  The session went well and I did an easy jog home to find I had a spare couple of hours free.  Originally I thought “Oh, I might go for a ride” but then I checked myself and stuck with the program.


Today’s Training:

Run – Track Session

First track session in around two years.

Warm Up:

  • 10min easy

 Main Set: 

  • 4x 800m MAD, 800m easy

Cool down:

  • 10min easy


Mobility Session – 25min

Swim Cords – 3x 25reps


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#38 Day one of becoming a bad mother fker

I took most of last week off to recover and get my shit together so I can it this week running.

Today I decided to do a Zwift race, this was my first race on Zwift and I really enjoyed it.  Time flew.  I think I will add a Zwift race in once a week if time permits.

Today’s Training

Swim – 2km

Warm Up

  • 100 FC
  • 100 of 50 6/1/6, 50 FC
  • 150 of 50 B3s, 50 B5s, 50 B7s
  • 50 MAD
  • 100 of 50 6/3/6, 50 FC
  • 100 pull & paddles

Main Set: – Four rounds of 

  • 2x 100 FC +15s
  • 100 pull with sighting every six strokes

Cool down:

200 of 25 FC, 25 backstroke


Bike – Zwift Race – 29.5km

With warm up and cool down a total of 37km


Train Smooth Cycling Power.JPG

  • Oxygen Deprivation session – 10min
  • Swim Cords – 3x 25 reps
  • Core Session – 10min
  • Mobility Session – 25min


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Where was my drive?

I have been thinking over and over about the past twelve months of training and my performance at Ironman Cairns and just trying to make sense of everything.

I have come to the belief that my drive to get better and nudge that sub ten hours in an Ironman hadn’t been there for most of the past year.  I was very disciplined with my training, I would go out and train even if I didn’t want too but that drive for success, that hunger to see what my body could actually do has been lacking.

This conclusion was really highlighted last weekend when I was writing my program for the coming training block and I could feel something I really haven’t experienced for over a year or longer.  The drive to get better.

It showed in training today.  I couldn’t wait to get to the pool to nail my swim session, I couldn’t wait to get on the bike and nail my Zwift race and I can’t wait to get to the track tomorrow and make the run session my bitch.

I really have spent the last year just going from training session to training session and the discipline has taken me through but there really hasn’t been any real improvements within my performance and this shows in my power files and other data.

Allan Pitman who is a mentor of mine, wrote “It’s a long apprenticeship – it’s not an easy thing to get right – the more times you do this the greater chance that you’ll have a tough day – but then on the other hand the more times you do this the more experience you gain – you can’t buy that experience – you have to earn it – enjoy this moment – you’ll look back on this week and be happy with what you’ve learned”.

While I am not dwelling on Ironman Cairns, I do admit it has lit a candle under my arse so I am truly happy Cairns turned to shit. I wouldn’t change it even if I could.  Over the next forty five weeks, I will become a BAD MOTHER FUCKER!


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