Vlog coming back

I didn’t think anyone would miss my daily vlogs when I stopped a couple of weeks ago.  I was bloody stoked to receive a few messages asking me about why I stopped.

I will start the Vlogs again from Monday 23rd.


Thank you everyone who watches and who reached out to me and asked me about it. Means the world.

Weekly Training Report (2nd – 8th July 2018)

This week is the last week of school before the kids are on a two week break.  I hit every session and every number up until Friday then I became a little restricted with avlable training times so I cut the hell out of the volume and increased the intensity greatly.

Races on the list

  • 9 Weeks till Ross Half Marathon
  • 12 Weeks till Launceston Half Marathon
  • 28 Weeks till Cadbury Marathon
  • 34 Weeks till Coles Bay Half
  • 44 Weeks till Ironman Australia


Training Week Overview

Tim's Training Program.JPG


Other Training Data

  • I produced a 40min power personal best on Monday of 248 watts
  • PI:  433 (the highest it has been since March)
  • CTL: 64.8
  • ATL: 47.8
  • TSB: 17
  • TScore: 372
  • Target Score: 20/21
  • Work 60hrs
  • Diet score: 19
  • Motivation Score: 27
  • Steps: 84,984 (the lowest since I started tracking my steps six months ago)


Vital Overview

Tim's Weight.JPG




Vlog on hold

Just going to stop my daily vlogs for a little while as I focus my time on other things.  As I mentioned on my Train Smooth podcast that I upload my  training on this website, I will upload all my training including key session details on this site once a week.

I will also over the next week or two make a few changes to this website so I can create content for cycling and runners as well as triathletes.


Weekly Round Up (25th – 1st July)

Summary of my training week

It was a very up and down week with regards to training as I had Jack’s All Schools Cross Country race to attend and Anara had her 13th birthday and a group of her friends had a sleep over


Here is my training week:

Tim Egge's Training.JPG

On tops of this, I also completed 

  • 2x Oxygen deprivation sessions
  • Meditated once for 20min
  • 3x Mobility sessions
  • 3x Foam Roller



I have started playing around with a new metric that I am calling “Target” that I give each day a score.  The idea with this (this is week two of developing this so I may change it as I go) I score each day on if I am moving closer to my target goal or away.

The score numbers are:

1 – Step backwards

2 – Neutral

3 – Step Forward

The idea is to get a 3 in each day and to have a weekly score of 21 out of 21.  Depending on a number of things, will depend greatly on the score.  In this past what would

I might go into more information on a blog post just about this concept.  Anyway I get myself a 18 out of 21 this week.



Book I am currently reading

I finished reading “Mark Cavendish – At Speed” this week.  Not a bad book… Not a good book either.

I find in the past few years, the only books I enjoy reading are pro cycling books and American mafia books.  A few years at it and I am running out of things to read.  I am not a big fan of Cavendish but was keen to read something



#45 Bike improvements

I got my bike back today from the shop.  They replaced the gear and break leaves and also replaced both front and rear brakes.

Today’s Training

Bike – MTB ride – 1hrs

my legs are sore from the gym yesterday and not having a bike at this stage, I jumped on my MTB bike and rode into some bush trails.  I added a few short sharp efforts.  Had a blast.


  • Core strength session – 10min
  • Swim cords session – 3x 25
  • Oxygen deprivation session – 10min
  • Mobility session – 25min

Watch today’s Vlog

#44 Gym & Run day

Today’s training

Gym – bike enhancement session

Warm Up:

  • 10min bike easy

Main Set:

  • 3x 15 reps squat @ 30kg
  • 10min moderate bike
  • 3x 15 reps squat @ 30kg
  • 10min medium bike
  • 3x 20 reps squat @30kg

Cool down:

  • 5min moderate, 5min easy


Run – 35min

5km easy run + 6x 100m strides and cooled down with some run drills

Mobility Session – 25min


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#43 All Schools Cross Country

My son had a 2km cross country race today against kids from all around Tasmania.  After this we went to the pool to cut some laps and in the afternoon, I had to coach soccer.  I was going to do a run session at night after my daughter’s 13th birthday dinner but as most of the kids didn’t turn up to the cold and wet training session, I turned this into my speed run session to kill two birds with one stone.


Swim Session – 2km

Train Smooth swim session.JPG

  • Run – 3km of a lot of short sharp sprints.
  • Core strength session – 10min
  • Swim Cord session – 3x 25

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