Vlog blew up over night

I started my vlog over a month ago and it has been very slow going.  I upload it most days onto YouTube and share it on all my social media platforms.  I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to promote it, I know if I stay consistent, over time people will find it and if they like it they will tune in everyday and if not they wont.

From day one, the main driving force behind it has been to document my life so my grandkids might be interested in watching how I lived my life. I often think if I could watch how my grandparents lived…… I would pay a crazy amount of money to watch that.

It has been slow going with the vlog, it was exactly the same with the podcast.  I had to get to episode 100 before it started to get traction. I have been playing around and testing a few things but this week has been a good week for the vlog as I try and hack my way through all the noise.

Here is what I am doing:


From episode 1 through through to episode 42 I have uploaded to YouTube and shared through my social media platforms.  Unfortunately expecting people to click onto my YouTube channel then press play creates too much friction and people declined and moved on.

On average, each vlog sees around 15-20 views on YouTube.  There are some episodes much higher and some much lower but on average 15-20.



I have tested uploading my vlog directly to my Facebook page vs posting a YouTube link onto the Facebook page.  Yes I get a few more extra views if I upload the video directly to Facebook rather than simply posting a YouTube link but I found I was inconsistent with doing this and whatever I do, I feel I need to stay consistent or I will simply piss people off so I just upload the YouTube link.


Instagram TV

I have over 20k followers on Instagram.  I uploaded episode 41 of my vlog onto Instagram TV to test the new platform and within 24 hours I had 150 views.



The day after I uploaded my vlog on Instagram TV, I was pissed at Twitter that they were not keeping up.  On my Twitter account, I have 18k followers.  I did some research and found a hack that will allow me to upload videos longer than 45 seconds.

As I have a business Twitter account, I activated Twitter ads.  This now allows me to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Again, I uploaded episode 41 of my vlog to see what would happen.  within 24 hours, I had 481 views.


Others Medias

SnapChat: I record the vlogs through SnapChat and get around 10-15 people per day watching.

LinkedIn: this has become a very cool platform to me and I have started uploading the video of my daily podcast on this but I don’t think people on Linked are keep to watch my vlog so I haven’t uploaded any.


Results from episode 41 after 24 ours 

  • YouTube: 18 views
  • Snap Chat: 11 views
  • Facebook: (only posted YouTube link on Facebook)
  • Twitter: 481 views
  • Instagram TV:  152 views


Total viewer is 24 hours: 662 views


Instagram TV for Businesses

Yesterday Instagram TV was launched allowing users to create their own channel and upload videos from 20 seconds through to 10 minutes in length.


Originally I thought I will start uploading my daily Vlog and my daily podcast onto this however Instagram requires you to make the videos portrait and not landscape and both my Vlogs and podcasts are recorded in  landscape so I will need to play around with the editing or look at create original content for this platform.

I do think Instagram TV will be a great new way to help build my personal and business brand. This to me is a no brainier allowing people to upload video longer than a minute.

I look forward to seeing what creative content people produce in the coming weeks and months.


How I do my podcasts

As I am quickly approaching 200 episodes of the Train Smooth Podcast, I thought I would blog about how I create each podcast and the value it brings to me.


I like to keep things really simple and really cheap.  Everything is based around my intent. My intent is truly good. I want to help others and pass on what I have learned and what I am currently learning.

Microphone:  I have two microphones. one I purchased off eBay for around $100 called “Cad U1 usb microphone” and the other is the headphone/microphone that came with my Samsung Galaxy phone that I use when I can’t get an episode out and I need to record something from my phone.

Recording Program: I like to keep things simple and one of the things with my podcasts I didn’t want to do was edit each episode. In the past this would take a lot of my time so I just wanted to record and simply upload to the world.  I use a simple “voice recorder” that is already on every computer. It is free and easy to use.

Podcast Host: I use Buzzsprout, they offer a free plan through to $24 a month plan.  I personally am on the $18 a month (US dollars) for the Train Smooth podcast and the $12 a month for the Cycling Coach podcast.

For the Runner’s Coaching podcast, I use the free app service Anchor but only down side to this is at the end of each episode, Anchor places an ad.  If this podcast is a success, I might look at moving this to Buzzprout.


“I ask for nothing from the listeners and I expect nothing from them”

In the beginning:

When I first started the Train Smooth podcast, I was only recording episodes from my phone and uploading them after each episode. At first I aimed to do three episodes a week.

  1. Being a question and answer show.
  2. I would choose a subject and talk about it.
  3. I would talk about my own training for the past week.

This quickly turned into me getting more questions than I thought I would have and within a month, my podcast went from three shows a week through to being seven days a week Q&A show.



One thing I have changed in the past year or so is I do business the way I react and behave to things.  Personally I hate advertisement, I understand why marketers are waterboarding me with all different adverting but I tend to zone out.  Even in podcasts I love to listen too, when an ad comes on, I find myself forwarding through.

I never use affiliate links as I feel they have become too sleazy and I wonder are they pushing the product because they truly believe in it or do they just want the commission.

I also tend to be turned off when I listen to a podcast and all they want to do is talk about their own products and services.  I was sent an episode of a triathlon podcast a month ago as a friend through I would enjoy it.  During this episode they mentioned their membership program over ten times within a 40 minute show. Never listened to another episode again.

I understand why podcasts have all these as the episodes they are creating a free but I simply zone out when it comes to “in your face” adverting so I can only assume everyone else dose the same.

This is why I don’t sell adverting, I don’t try and sell my own services, I don’t have affiliate links where I get a commission, I am not promoting sponsors, I am simply giving a service that I wish was around when I first got into triathlon. Remember in intent is good.

Since starting my podcast with the mentality of wanting nothing in return, many things have happened.

  • Site traffic has increased significantly
  • I receive a number of inquiries about my services
  • I am creating real connections with people who have reached out from listening to the show.
  • I receive regular thank you emails. Crikey the feeling I get when I receive a “thank you” email just out of nowhere is amazing.
  • I get sponsorship inquiries.


Now I am only nine months into this and I am starting to see a swing with Train Smooth.  I think one of the reasons the podcast is growing consistently is I ask for nothing from the listeners and I expect nothing from them.


Over the next year

I think podcasting is very much like endurance training. Consistency is key. I will keep building out the Train Smooth brand into something I wish I had access too for the first half a dozen years when I got into triathlon.

As for the other two podcasts, I will aim to release a new episode each week, monitor trends and make changes when needed.


How I create my daily Vlogs

I have wanted to do a regular vlog for sometime.  Last year I tested doing a weekly vlog but found at the end of each week I would spend an hour or two chopping up video foot I took from my phone.Even back in 2014, I made a net TV series where I recorded around a thousand hours of video footage and spent months chopping it down to around an hour of watchable content.

I just simply don’t have the time to sit down and edit a vlog daily, weekly or even monthly so when I found some hacks where I can record things throughout each day and at the end of the day spend less than five minutes getting it ready to upload to YouTube, I thought it was worth testing.

This is how I currently Vlog

Step One: 

SnapChat: I use SnapChat to video record the content through the day.  This limits each video of each scene up to one minute each.  I simply tilt my phone to the side and start recording. When I am happy with what I have recorded, I simply upload it my “My Story” and keep moving on with my day.  This has a very limited impact to my day.

Step Two: 

At the end of each day, save my Snapchat stories from the day and I export them to my phone’s photo album.

Step Three:

Because I want to add my Train Smooth brand onto each Vlog, I downloaded an app called “Power Director”.  This is a video editing app that I think costs around $5.  I insert ,my Train Smooth brand on the corner of each Vlog for a branding point of view.

Step Four:

Upload to YouTube and once uploaded, I add in a please subscribe to my YouTube channel and add a couple of other videos from my YouTube channel they may find interested at the end of the vlog.

*** Steps two through to four takes around five minutes to complete***

Step Five:

I share my YouTube link to all my social media accounts via a program called HootSuit.
Wanting to improve

I really need to start focusing on improving my Facebook videos.  At this stage I am simply sharing my YouTube link to my Train Smooth Facebook page but with the video platform on Facebook growing and all the talk that Facebook TV could be a very real thing, I think I am going to have to invest the little bit of extra time and start uploading it directly to Facebook.

Quick Note

I am only less than a month in on creating a daily Vlog.  There are many things I want to do better and as I progress I can only see the quality of everything improving as I create better systems and skills.

The real drive for me to do it is I keep thinking how great would it be if I could see my grandparents and great grandparents live their day to day lives when they were 38 years old.  So maybe my grandchildren and great grandchildren just maybe interested to see my day to day life.