Vlog on hold

Just going to stop my daily vlogs for a little while as I focus my time on other things.  As I mentioned on my Train Smooth podcast that I upload my  training on this website, I will upload all my training including key session details on this site once a week.

I will also over the next week or two make a few changes to this website so I can create content for cycling and runners as well as triathletes.


#45 Bike improvements

I got my bike back today from the shop.  They replaced the gear and break leaves and also replaced both front and rear brakes.

Today’s Training

Bike – MTB ride – 1hrs

my legs are sore from the gym yesterday and not having a bike at this stage, I jumped on my MTB bike and rode into some bush trails.  I added a few short sharp efforts.  Had a blast.


  • Core strength session – 10min
  • Swim cords session – 3x 25
  • Oxygen deprivation session – 10min
  • Mobility session – 25min

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#44 Gym & Run day

Today’s training

Gym – bike enhancement session

Warm Up:

  • 10min bike easy

Main Set:

  • 3x 15 reps squat @ 30kg
  • 10min moderate bike
  • 3x 15 reps squat @ 30kg
  • 10min medium bike
  • 3x 20 reps squat @30kg

Cool down:

  • 5min moderate, 5min easy


Run – 35min

5km easy run + 6x 100m strides and cooled down with some run drills

Mobility Session – 25min


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#43 All Schools Cross Country

My son had a 2km cross country race today against kids from all around Tasmania.  After this we went to the pool to cut some laps and in the afternoon, I had to coach soccer.  I was going to do a run session at night after my daughter’s 13th birthday dinner but as most of the kids didn’t turn up to the cold and wet training session, I turned this into my speed run session to kill two birds with one stone.


Swim Session – 2km

Train Smooth swim session.JPG

  • Run – 3km of a lot of short sharp sprints.
  • Core strength session – 10min
  • Swim Cord session – 3x 25

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#42 Work – Life – Train

Training for the day

Swim Session – 2.1km

Train Smooth swim session.JPG


Bike – 47.9km

This was a fartkel ride with a lot of short sharp efforts and a few longer efforts.  A very unstructured session.  My bike is playing up so after the ride I took it into the bike shop for a service.

  • Core strength session – 10min
  • Swim cords – 3x 25 (week 1 of 12 week plan)


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#42 Monday is a good day

Summary of the day

It was a simple day with zero out of the normal going on. Just the way I love it.


Today’s Training

Swim – 2.1km

Warm up:

  • 200m FC
  • 100m of 50m broken arrow, 50m FC
  • 150m of 50m B3s, 50m B5s, 50m B7s
  • 50m MAD
  • 100m pull and paddles

Main Set:

  • 200m FC +10s
  • 250m FC +10s
  • 200m FC with sighting every 6 strokes +10s
  • 250m FC +10s
  • 400m FC

Cool down:

  • 200m of 50m kick, 50m backstroke


Bike – 48km

  • Fartlek ride with a number of short sharp intervals that ranged from 20 seconds through to 3min.


  • Swim Cord – 3x 25 reps
  • Core Session – 10min


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#41 Anaerobic Capacity

Today was another day that didn’t go the way I had planed.  Jack was home again from school.  I had a 90min ride, a 2.2km swim and a run to do as well as coach my son’s soccer team.

Today’s Training Session

Bike – 90min

This was done on Zwift. A anaerobic capacity ride that really helps complement last nights bike enhancement gym session.

Warm Up

  • 10min easy

Main Set:

  • 45min @180-190 watts
  • 5x 1min MAD, 4min @130 watts

Cool down

  • 10min easy

Tim Egge INtervals.JPG

Traning Data Train Smooth.JPG


Swim – 2km

Warm Up:

  • 100m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m broken arrow, 50m free
  • 100m with fins done as 50m 6/3/6, 50m free
  • 100m pull and paddles
  • 100m free done as 50m breathing every 5th stroke, 50m breathing every 3rd stroke
  • 2x 50m torpedo push off and kick until fully exhaled, finish length freestyle

Main Set:

  • 3x 400m+15sec

Cool down:

  • 200m choice


Core Strength Session – 10min

Swim Cords – 3x 25 reps


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