I have three different podcasts I produce.


Train Smooth – This is a daily triathlon Q&A show where listeners send in their training, racing or nutrition questions to tim@trainsmooth.com and I answer them each day. Each episode lasts between 5-10 minutes.


Runners Coach – This is a weekly show that I choose a subject within running and I talk about it.  Each episodes are short, sharp and too the point with approximately ten minutes per episode.


Cycling Coach – This started by accident. I created an account for Cycling Coach and uploaded a Train Smooth episode so I can get approval for iTunes.  I didn’t think about this again for a few months and I went back and was surprised to see 36 downloads with zero advertising and zero notifications.  From here I started a weekly show where I choose a subject and talk about it.  Just like the other podcasts, each episode is approximately ten minutes.